Founded in 2013, smart health science limited provides board advice, research, assessment, processes and support in bringing a wide range of innovations to market worldwide.  We work with organisations that need to innovate, or adopt innovations, to survive.  Customers are across sectors (private, public and social enterprise) in the health, care and life sciences industry and beyond into the broader public sector.  Our forte is helping in the difficult space where technology meets everyday life; where great ideas meet economic reality.  We are also helping innovators understand and plan their entry to the UK healthcare market.

Our Directors and research team are based in the UK, with an office in Cheltenham where we can host off-site meetings and workshops, and we work from there and central London, and on client premises (currently in Cambridge, Nottingham, Stockholm, Linkoping, Cardiff, Leeds, London and Odense).  Assignments currently are taking us to many countries, and international projects are the norm rather than an exception.

We have reciprocal arrangements with experienced advisors specialising in the health, care and life sciences sectors that we can bring to bear on your innovation as required, and to provide resilient, long term, trusted support to your organisation.

Our UK company number is 8747820

Our UK VAT number is 176 7584 56.