Customers and Projects

Our customers include:

Venture Capital investors – helping to assess potential investment opportunities and  develop portfolio strategies in complex sub-sectors such as telehealth, clinical trials support, and next-generation patient stratification

Leading research organisations  – for example, where we are supporting research agendas and specific projects including the use of Smart Health Science’s SIM tools for a leading global policy research organisation.  We have also worked with The Young Foundation where we supported their innovative “Citizen-Driven Health” initiative with our partners inQube and PumpCo.

PumpCo – where in partnership we are helping design and deliver  international go to market plans, building on the power of their social co-operating system, anthropos (aOS)

Patient@Home – a Euro 25m programme in Denmark managed through the University of Southern Denmark / Maersk Institute – where we are supplying Smart Innovation Management training and materials to the programme and 35 companies involved, alongside innovation surgeries for a selection of companies who want more intensive support

In addition, we work with international health technology companies, where we act as Board Advisors with specific input on their go-to-market activities, business propositions & investment plans, raising funding, designing digital products and services.  We can also support specific projects with customers.

Our start-up clients have included:

– a Health technology company providing image analysis to global customers

– a Healthcare cloud-service company supporting collaboration between radiologists across Europe

– a Telehealth technology provider targeting Scandinavian markets

– a clinical trials technology and services provider with top 10 global Life Sciences industry customers.